United Kingdom October 2017


United Kingdom October 2017


Join us in October of 2017 for a spiritual pilgrimage through the United Kingdom! We will be exploring the history of Christianity throughout the kingdom. Get ready for a road trip from London, to Edinborough, Dublin and more! Price includes airfare, transportation, lodging, entry fees, and tour guides.

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The peoples and nations of the United Kingdom hold a special place in the history of Western Christianity. From Roman-era believers to fiery Reformers, Medieval mystics to brilliant modern apologists, the English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish peoples have a fascinating Christian heritage.

In this eight day “beta-trip” tour, we will be introduced to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places, people, and ideas of the United Kingdom. Visiting all 5 nations in the UK (Ireland, North Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England), we will focus our attention on Christian people and traditions that experienced a powerful, life-changing encounter of faith. Seeking to understand their experience of God we will also grow in our own spiritual journey. We will visit incredible Irish monasteries, stroll picturesque Addison’s Walk in Oxford, tour the Wesley brothers’ open-air preaching sites in Wales, visit England’s “holy island” of Lindisfarne, and breathe the air of the Scottish Highlands, among many other unforgettable experiences. We’ll see a lot, but be sure to pause for downtime and reflection as well as experiencing authentic local cuisine and culture.

As this is Flat Planet’s first trip on this route, group members of this intimate small-size tour will have a special experience—being like family as we experience many of these sites for the first time, together. We will cover a lot of ground in just eight days so be prepared to spend some time simply viewing the countryside as we road-trip our way through the British Isles. Author Paul Pastor and his brilliant wife Emily will help interpret our trip through the lens of historical theology and modern Christian spirituality, for a time that will be a heartfelt experience as well as an unforgettable journey. 


Sample Itinerary for A UK Pilgrimage


Day 1 (Arrive in London)

Arrive in London. Check into our housing, meet Flat Planet personnel, and enjoy an authentic dinner and great conversation to get you prepared for our week.

Day 2 (Explore London)

Bring your walking shoes. We will explore the city of London on foot and Tube. Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and much much more will be the perfect way to start our journey.

Day 3 (Oxford and Norwich)

The city of Oxford is home to some of history’s greatest minds. We will walk the city and campus, discussing the life and works of figures like John Wesley, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R Tolkien. From Oxford, we will head toward the eastern coast to the home of Julian of Norwich, the influential and enigmatic medieval mystic.

Day 4 (Lindisfarne and Edinburgh)

Lindisfarne is a small island in NE England, known as the “Holy Island.” We will explore the history of Christianity in this unique pilgrimage site and spend some quality time soaking up the beauty. From here, we will journey on to Scotland and settle in Edinburgh for the night, birthplace of the Scottish Reformation.

Day 5 (Highland and Iona)

Just when you thought you had seen it all, we will head further north to the famous Highlands of Northern Scotland and onto one of the world’s most iconic monastery, Iona. The landscapes of both places will leave you speechless. We (pretty much) guarantee it! Along the way, we’ll discuss the seminal work of Victorian writer and preacher George MacDonald, and the Scottish spirit’s surprising influence on 19th and 20th century Christian imagination.

Day 6 (Northern Ireland and Glendalough)

Ireland is full of gems! We will explore the countryside of Northern Ireland, stopping at places that catch our eye en route to the incredible monastic site of Glendalough, Ireland. We will discuss the life of St. Kevin and the role that Celtic Christianity and monastic life has played in the spiritual life of the Church.

Day 7 (Dublin)

After a week of exploring countryside and monasteries, we will finish our time in Dublin. We will explore the city and enjoy a final night with an Irish pub crawl, great music, and a Guinness (if you like that kinda thing).

Day 8 (Departure)

We will all cry because it is now time to go home!